French Connection by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Before I start talking about events in Paris let me get over the European obsession of Muslim condemnation of terrorism. I condemn the terrorist acts committed by two French men against their fellow French citizens in the name of religion. I also condemn Muslim parents’ lack of interest in their religion and teaching its true values to their children. I condemn terrorism of all shapes and forms whether committed by non-state actors or states. Since that is out of the way let us now talk about what happened in Paris.

Another question that Europeans have to answer is which authority has granted them the rights to define universal values and label themselves as civilized and others uncivilized. For centuries West and especially Europe has been engaged in hypocritical practices that has wreak havoc on many communities around the world. When Spanish invaded North and Latin America they considered the natives unclean, uncivilized and mercilessly committed their genocide so much so that many of those races are now completely extinct. When they reached Australia they gave animal sub-human status to aboriginals and chained them as people would chain their dogs. Many of those pictures are still available on the internet. When they reached Africa they engaged in one of the most horrendous slave trade ever recorded in human history. They adopted a similar attitude with South East Asian island communities. But with the advent of technology and communication tools the labeling of other cultures as uncivilized has also evolved. Now many in the extreme right of Europe are calling Muslims incompatible with their values. Which values are these? I heard one congressman from second largest French city Marseille, it has over 40% Muslim population that France is a Christian country and Muslims have to conform to their values. And who was Jesus Christ? As far as I know he was not born in Paris but in a town in current day Palestine although European painters love to paint him with blonde hair and Caucasian features. Which religion did Jesus Christ preach? Submission to one God. So for these people on European right rejection of Muslim is like rejecting of the values preached by Jesus Christ. And one more historic fact that these extreme right European might have forgotten it was a European ruler Pilot who sanctioned the orders to crucify Jesus Christ using the similar arguments they are now using about Muslim incompatibility with their values.

I would like to ask European parents what they tell their children when they engage in provocation of their friends and neighbors. Do they cheer and clap for them or tell them that it is bad behavior? If something is not good for their child’s character how can it be good for the society at large? Charlie Hebdo knowingly provoked Muslims as well as other religious people just for the sake of it. They wanted cheap publicity and fame. They finally got it but it may cost many lives of innocent people as it could prompt a war of civilization if sanity does not prevail. Did they deserve to be killed for this behavior? No I don’t think so as in times of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) many people did far worst things to him and he forgave them. His stature as a beloved Prophet cannot be damaged by these cheap acts. His message is growing faster than any other religion on earth.

Now I would like to ask my European friends why is it that no terrorist targets Germany, Poland, Hungry, Austria, Switzerland etc. etc.? Why is it France? Because France has a long history of intervening in North Africa for short-term economic benefits. The recent intervention in Libya was not for the sake of her people and their rights. It was propelled by greed to capture more than 130 billion dollars deposited in French and Italian banks because the dictator Maummar Qaddafi considered French and Italian his friends. It is still fresh in people memory that he financed the election campaign of former President Nicholas Sarkozy. Similar greed was dominant in intervention in Syria, Iraq and other natural resources rich Muslims countries except probably Afghanistan and it is probably for that reason that it is graveyard of Empires as war costs can’t be recouped. In these military interventions millions of people were displaced from their homes and over 100,000 died. These civilian deaths are conveniently labeled by West as collateral damage. Orphans and other family members of these dead people have a pent-up anger against these aggressions and it will take a long time to subside. Europe has to understand that it is not in their interest to have a conflict right around their borders. Waves of immigrants from Muslim countries is not going to stop. Because these people consider it their right to get to Europe who they blame for messing up their lives in the first place. They will prefer to die in this struggle but will not give up on reaching to their shores to test their values. Stability and prosperity in Muslim countries is the only way they can stop invasion of these immigrants.

Why are there no terrorists from Tunisia and Morocco in North Africa? Because there has been no armed intervention in these countries by Europe and the main reason for it is that these countries do not have 100s of billions of dollars in European banks or billions of barrels of oil under their deserts. So if Europeans think that their propaganda machines can hide these facts then they are grossly mistaken. One idea that can kill any conspiracy theory is that all classified documents from September 2011 to December 2012 should be declassified. This will help diplomats and intellectuals find solution to these conflicts with facts at their disposal. We don’t want to know 30 years later that there was another Sykes-Picot agreement in making that was hidden from the world.

For centuries Europe deliberately adopted a policy that religious sentiments of Muslims should not be provoked as that could cause a backlash that would be uncontrollable. But after winning ideological cold war from Russia they felt that they are strong enough now to have an ideological defining struggle with Muslims. In DAWN newspaper a half page report about NATO was published in early 1990s in which one of the high officials of NATO proudly mentioned that the next struggle will be with Islam. Anyone of you interested in verify this can get to the libraries and look for that newspaper. After Paris incidents in which two Muslims were also killed, one policeman and one cartoonist working for Charlie Ebdo, I browsed through major European newspapers including Guardian and no one cared to mention these two Muslims. But they were quick to highlight that criminals were Muslims by religion. Aljazeera ran a detailed story about these Muslims killed in Paris and their op-ed writers complained about this bias.

The reaction from Paris suggests that more wars are on the cards. Let’s see who will prevail but I won’t bet on Europe as I don’t see a leader on the horizon that can lead them in this struggle.

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