Open letter to PTI members by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Asalam o Aliqum

First of all I would like to congratulate you on becoming a pioneer in Pakistan by making PTI first political party in our history that is developed from grass roots by educated middle, poor and farmer classes of the society. No other political party has this distinction. It has not been an easy ride for you. You had to face the ridicule of the people, sacrifice your time and money to spread the message of hope to every corner of the country. It was your tireless efforts that produced mammoth jalsas in Lahore and Karachi. It was these successes that unfortunately become the source of your current misery and disappointment.

It was your efforts that established PTI but once success was apparent the elite and so called electables decided to benefit from it and sideline you. They joined the party in droves to exploit your passion and political inexperience to gain control of the party that you developed. They used money and horse trading tactics to capture decision making positions in the intra-party elections. They issued party tickets in the general elections to fake degree holders, their sons, their brothers and people with questionable reputation. During the election you stood by the Chairman and party ideology to make sure that all our jalsas were successful but it was these electables that people of Pakistan were not willing to trust so they did not caste vote to them. I am sure there was election fraud committed by the likes of PML N and PPP but that was not the only reason for losing seats. The other reason was tainted ticket holders. Because of these electables many political analysts and media reports are now presenting PTI as a status quo party rather than the party of change that you passionately joined and sacrificed for. While in our neighboring country a political party learned from us and won the election in a landslide. They gave tickets to their party members rather than rent people from other status quo parties.

But are you going to shed tears on a past that you can’t change or are you going to stand up and fight these status quo elements. There are hardly 2000 electables in the party while you are over 5,000,000. Are these 2000 electables going to control 5,000,000 die-hard members of PTI or are you going to tell them that it is your party developed through your sweat and blood. You have the knowledge, education and passion to change the country. It is you the country need not them. I have worked with many of you in last four years. I know you have all the necessary skills to lead this nation.

So get up. Get ready. Find honest, capable and educated people in your union council, tehsil and district that are members of PTI. Prepare list of future leaders. You can share it with me on facebook if you want me to work them. We have so less time and so much work to do. We have to develop a lot of new leaders from among you that can lead the nation for next 25 years. We can’t waste even a single moment of this time. Follow what Iqbal told you.

Khudi ko kar buland itna kay her taqdir say pehle

khuda pandey say khud poochay bata teri raza kia hai

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