NADRA revelation and fair elections by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

I saw debates today about the NADRA revelations that massive election fraud was committed in some constituencies. NADRA has collected and released the evidence. The official report suggests that multiple votes were cast by same people as well as unregistered NICs were used to cast votes. In one constituency only 6000 votes were valid out of 84000 polled votes. The question that comes to my mind is this:

Why can’t we file criminal or civil cases against officials who were managing these polling stations?

We always come forward and blame the party that gets majority in the parliament. But in my view if cases are filled against election officials then they will inform the courts who exerted pressure on them. To get to the mastermind of election fraud it is important to file cases against the hands that committed the fraud.

All political parties have vibrant lawyer’s wings. Some parties are endowed with best political brains like Hamid Khan in PTI, Aitzaz Ahsan in PPP just to give two examples.

But no one will come forward and do that. Why? Because all parties in one or the other engage in election fraud. When parties are organized on undemocratic practices can any of them have moral courage and authority to demand fairness from election commission? Secondly most political parties find jobs for their members in education and other government departments. These same people later become election officials. Can we expect these people to be loyal to the rules rather than to the party that provided them jobs.

These are the systemic problems that have to be resolved before we can expect free and fair elections in Pakistan.

What Next?

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