An orphan nation by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Wisemen say that leaders are like fathers for a nation. From this perspective Pakistani nation is unfortunately an orphan. But it does have a large number of uncles and their siblings. These uncles come in all shapes and forms. Some are clean shaven while others have long beards and mark of piety on their forehead. They are also engaged in different professions. Some earn rent from their farm lands that are tilled by brothers of the orphan. Some wear shinning uniforms with a lot of stars on their shoulders. Some have large businesses build from the assets of the orphan.

But there is one thing in common in all these uncles of the orphan. They do not hesitate to devour the assets and properties of the orphan. If they can’t grab the assets then they take out large loans in the name of the orphan and then use it to enlarge their own wealth.

These uncles of the nation send their sons to the top universities of the world at the expense of the properties grabbed from the orphan. On the other hand they hire teachers for the orphan that instead of teaching the poor orphan work at the house of these uncles that have farmland. They buy books for the orphan but make sure that in each purchase they have a cut paid by the vendor.

The uncles with large beards are very pious they go to the mosque to have five time prayers in a jamaat. These pious uncles feel very sad when they see the injustices committed by other uncles of the orphan. So they tell the little brothers of the orphan to go fight for their rights. But they make sure that their own sons and brothers do not help the orphan because it is not them that are hurt by other uncles. So it is not their fight. These pious uncles also make sure to teach the orphan that each brother is different because of the way they pray. To ensure that the differences are not lost on the brothers these uncles make sure to remind this everyday before they go to sleep.

In last few years the orphan nation is beat up by the gangs of the neighborhood as well as the gangs from the other neighborhoods. Uncles see this and show mercy on the orphan by sending him a box of band-aid to put on his wounds. Uncles in uniform and shinning stars on their shoulders feel that they are qualified to protect the orphan. And if they fail in achieving this objective then it is the fault of the orphan because he did not provide them enough resources to do his job well. These uncles feel frustrated that other uncles of the orphan keep interfering in their work.

But despite this abuse of the orphan, the laws of nature are doing its wonder. The orphan is growing up and gaining strength. He is about to reach adolescence. He is preparing plans to get justice for all the injustices of the uncles. He is sharpening the blades of the guillotine so that they can be put to good use when the right time comes.

Following is an example of one of these uncles:

For Mr. Asif Ali Zardari the word shameful sounds shameful to use. He has been the person who presided over the highest number of drone strikes in Pakistan. He ruled during his tenure as leader of an organized crime operation in which he bought and sold people to ensure continuity of his office. He blatantly refused to accept that PIA, Railways and Pakistan Steel Mills have any corruption. He repeated many times during his tenure that he wanted to create history. He succeeded in his objectives as new heights of corruption, nepotism and cronyism was achieved in his tenure. He sold the nation cheap. So I am sure he is regretting that he could have got a better price than the 60 million dollars he siphoned off to his Swiss accounts. If he had any bone of dignity and grace in his body, he would have chosen to quietly go into oblivion and dust bin of history.

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