Pee Kay in Naya KPK by Lifafa Khan

Chief Minister of KPK Pee Kay held a press conference in Peshawar Press club to brief the media about first 100 days of his government. He informed the media that after consulting advisers from all over Pakistan, except KPK, his cabinet has decided to demolish old KPK so that a new KPK can be built from scratch. He said that the reason for this decision was taken after careful analysis of costs involved in repairing and remodeling the old KPK. He said that the cost of repair was higher than building a new KPK from scratch. When a journalist raised an objection why advisors from KPK were not consulted before a decision was made, Mr. Pee Kay argued that if these advisors were any good KPK will not be in such bad situation so he could not risk taking their advice.

When asked about the PTI’s changing position on drones. He said that since we want to demolish the old KPK so we want Americans to expand the drone strikes so that demolition cost is at the minimum. He said that this will help us reduce the over all construction cost. He added further that NATO cargo will be allowed to transit through KPK so that old roads break down to build new roads. He thanked NATO for destroying the roads as KPK needed new roads anyways.

He promised the journalist that the new KPK will be free from corruption as he along with his advisers and associates will migrate to another province after completing their work.

Commenting on the Right to Information Act, he said that his government has found a cost effective way of implementing this act. Each department will be provided a shredder so that paper work can be reduced. All those papers will be destroyed that can misguide people about a project. This will not only reduce information to be provided as well as shorten the time required to search it. This will also help in achieving public harmony and mutual trust. He reminded journalist that wise men in West believe ignorance is bliss so we should learn from them.

Referring to the establishment of ehtisab commission in KPK, he said that who else can know more about corruption than someone who has done it. So the government will employ most successful corrupt officials as advisors to stop it. He gave example of western countries where internet hackers and spammers become security experts. He also referred to a youtube video shown by Azizi of Hasbe Haal in which a pickpocket was teaching people how it is done. He said that if West can do it then Pakistan as a sovereign country has the right to use all necessary tools to understand corruption so that it can be controlled.

When asked about whether he can learn from other Chief Ministers, he said that others should learn from him how to use people’s mandate to build a new province. He complained that Mian brothers are greedy because before May 11th they were ruling 65% of the country but they still wanted more. This shows that PML N is not serious in working with PTI as they could not even let them have a chance to rule 35% of the country.

When asked him about Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s statement that JUI F will soon form government in KPK. He said Maulana does not have to do that as he told him that Maulana should consider our government as his government because we want to work with everyone. He gave his personal example that although he joined PTI but he considers himself part of PPP Sherpao, Maulana, JI and all other parties because in the end all these parties want to build a Naya KPK to have a share in this construction project.

When he was asked about the declining popularity of PTI in KPK which resulted in the loss of NA-1 in by-election, Mr. Pee Kay refused to accept this argument. He said that PTI felt bad about winning all seats from Peshawar in general elections and making Begum Naseem Wali Khan angry. He said that it is against the tradition of KPK to disgrace or disrespect elders. So we decided to fix this error. He said that in Naya KPK there will be enough room for everyone and we wanted ANP to feel part of it. He said that this is new politics where all parties help and work with each other to build a stronger Pakistan.

He congratulated Malala Yousafzai for gaining international recognition. He assured people of KPK that his government will improve education system so that more girls in KPK can become Malala Yousafzai. He said that we will negotiate a good package which will include female education as well.

He said that PTI does not support building of Kala Bagh dam as it could damage the climate of the province. In his view climate is more important than electricity. He promised that his government will replace Kala Bagh with a Harra Bagh project which will be more environmentally friendly and acceptable to politicians of Charsadda.

Referring to MQM allegations that PTI asked for army in KPK during election but does not support bringing army to Karachi, he said that situation of the two provinces is quite different. KPK is full of militants of all kinds and we do not have room for more military. He suggested that we can import some civilians from Karachi and send them some of the armed groups to solve this issue. He advised Altaf Bhai to learn a lesson from PTI and instead of trying to fix old Karachi he should build a Naya Karachi instead.

Mr. Pee Kay thanked Revenue Minister of KPK for helping to reduce the security budget allocated to elected officials. He said that his statement after D I Khan jail break calling all policemen cowards has helped reduce demand for police protection which will bring good saving to the province. This will also give police more time to protect citizens while elected officials can hire private security guards.

In the end he thanked all the media houses for giving full coverage to PTI during general elections especially playing the video of Imran Khan speaking from hospital bed over and over again. He said that this helped large number of voters come out on Election Day and vote for IK with teary eyes. He said NAYA KPK could not have been built without raising the emotions of Pashtuns as suggested by PML N chief Nawaz Sharif.

Lifafa Khan is a free lance journalist. He secured Doctorate in Danish (DiD) degree from University of Life. All characters and situations are Danishmandi of Lifafa Khan and should not to be confused with anything else. Any heart burn or stomach pain lasting longer than three hours should be consulted with a proper doctor.

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