Editorial: Syria issue should be resolved diplomatically

There is increasing pressure on Western governments to act against Syria because of allegations that it has crossed the red line by using chemical weapons against its citizens. A team of UN inspectors are visiting Damascus to ascertain facts on the ground. We hope that Syrian government will extend all possible support to this team. It defies all logic that Assad will use chemical weapons and risk retaliation from the international community against his government. From all media reports it was evident that Assad regime had an upper hand against the armed opposition. This makes it unlikely that he would have authorized the use of chemical weapons.

West should realize that its selective use of humanitarian justification for military action is looked upon with suspicion by the people of the world and especially among Muslim populations. West did not object to military coup in Egypt and did not blink when weapons were used on unarmed civilians protests which resulted in over 1000 deaths. West also did not react when the government in Bahrain used weapons against civilian political rallies. Shia and Sunni card has also lost its effectiveness to divide the Muslim populations. And most of all another armed conflict will claim more lives and destabilize the already precarious world economy. Russian and Chinese opposition to unilateral action could produce a prolonged war which will create political pressure on authoritarian regimes in Middle East.

It is important that diplomatic and multilateral platforms should be used to find political solution to the Syrian crisis. Peace can not be achieved through weapons.

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