Editorial: KPK Government signs MOU with Galaxy Technologies

PTI Central office issued a press release which is also posted on their web site that an MOU has been signed with Galaxy Technologies of Hong Kong for hydel power development. According to the MOU the company will develop 1000MW of hydel power generation at various locations.

It is good that KPK government is taking steps to alleviate the power shortages in KPK province. But the provincial government should also be mindful of the fact that in past irregularities were observed in the rental power transactions. To ensure transparency the government should provide information about the Galaxy Technologies including their financial strength and experience in hydel power generation. No information is available online about this company which is unusual for a company that is capable of investing $2 billion.

There are many other alternatives available for the government to explore immediate relief for the people. In South KPK Sugar Mill Owners and Lucky Cement has the capacity to provide upto 150MW of power which is sufficient for the needs of that area. These options should be explored on urgent basis while longer term plans are developed and implemented.

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