Editorial: India should explain the contents of Indian Officer Affidavit

Times of India, a respected daily, reported that an Indian civilian intelligence officer submitted an affidavit to the courts that attacks on Indian Parliament and Mumbai were orchestrated by its own State apparatus. This news has raised emotions in Pakistan because Indian government and media blatantly blamed Pakistan for these incidents. This is not the first time such revelations have come out. Attack on Samjotha Express was also accepted by an Indian Military officer who is still behind the bars.

Government of Pakistan has to take serious notice of this news of India Times and request detailed information from India. Pakistan should also submit a petition to the United Nations that allegations of terrorism on member states should be subjected to extensive investigation. As a standing operating procedure there should be a bilateral discourse before these incidents are brought to the UN.

UN should also notice that these terror incidents brought two nuclear states close to war. America and other strategic partners of India should also seek explanation and details from India as the whole region was put at risk by these incidents. These allegations have serious implications for world community as India is a serious candidate for the permanent membership of UN Security Council.

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