Bitter Truth by Muhammad Rehan Rasheed Tanoli

It’s very much alarming the way our new government sends a flying kiss to India and wants friendly relationship with central focus in creating, implementing and maintaining economic and political ties. MFN (Most Favored Nation) status to India is also talk of the town.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already took a decision that his chief goal is country’s economic revival.

Similarly US Secretary of State John Kerry recent visit to India expressed appreciation for India’s economic cooperation with Afghanistan and called on New Delhi to improve its relations with neighboring Pakistan in the interest of regional stability.

The inauguration of Shaikh Khalifa Road in order to shorten the distance between Pakistan and Central Asian countries will further ease the trade and ultimately provide benefits to India.

This will be further beneficial to India as it can trade with big markets of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asian countries through short land routes & cheap & easy delivery. But the question arises that why are we opening route of opportunities to India which already has been blocked by our strategic geographical location?

This is a seed of contention that will make Pakistan further weaker against emerging economy of India. Simple statistic of millions vs billions. Pakistan’s own industry already so badly hit by load shedding and losing jobs at an alarming rate would not be able to sustain such polices. Furthermore buying from India will also have effects on China trade and other regional countries.

The name given as regional stability but it’s the same implementation of US NSR (New Silk Road)  strategy in order to make India as an emerging major industrial power against China.This poses great security challenge to Pakistan when viewed in the Indian hegemonic perspective

These are the few US strategic objectives in War on Terror, appears to be ends in themselves as we will see withdrawal of US led forces in 2014  but are rather means for the achievement of still more abstract or distant end and objectives.

Author is a federal government employee, researcher and freelance writer.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of author’s own and getPakistan.com does not necessarily endorse these views.

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