Essay Competition – Winning Prize Rs. 5000

getPakistan.com is proud to announce an essay competition on the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day. The winner will be given a Rs.5000 award at the end of the competition.

Please send your essay on one of the following topics:

  1. Pakistan National Security Policy
  2. Pakistan Foreign policy priorities and objectives
  3. India-Pakistan relations
  4. Democratic institution development in Pakistan
  5. Women role in creating a stronger nation

Please make sure that your entry meets following requirements:

  1. Minimum number of words 600, maximum 1100
  2. Entry should be free of grammar and spelling errors
  3. Writing should be original and not copy pasted from another article
  4. Final date to submit an entry is September 10th

Send your essay to editor[at]getPakistan.com along with your name, address, email and phone number.

If your essay is accepted you will receive an email with the link to it. You are allowed to promote your essay through social media sites like facebook and twitter.

The winner will be decided based on a combination of number of visits to the page, votes by the visitors and originality of ideas. Decision of our Editors will be final in choosing a winner.

Winner will be awarded prize money of Rs. 5000 as well as announcement on the web site and our facebook page

Best of luck.